Police: Man walking home from Alewife T stop robbed at knifepoint

Arlington Police are looking for two men who jumped a man walking home from Alewife last night and robbed him at knifepoint of his backbpack, which contained a laptop and books.

Police say the victim had entered Thorndike Field around 9:40 p.m., when he was jumped by the men, both wearing masks.

Anyone who was in the area and may have seen something, or anyone with any information about this robbery is urged to call Arlington Police at 781-643-1212. Your call may remain anonymous.



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    can't a better description be provided?


    Your call may remain anonymous.

    You know, if they forget to write down your name or number from the caller ID.

    Joking aside, I go though this area frequently late at night after getting off one of the last few trains to Alewife. It's dark, remote, and there are few places to run if someone jumps out from the bushes. But there isn't a good way to get into East Arlington by foot/bike without taking one of the paths.

    It used to be better lit

    These things go in cycles, as it were.

    It wasn't lit, then there were a couple of attacks/rapes, then it was lit a lot better. Last time I came through there at night it was rather dark, and my bright headlight was about it .

    Sounds like there needs to be another go-around with the appropriate towns/agencies.

    Lit or not lit, any would-be

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    Lit or not lit, any would-be mugger knows that the cops will never patrol here. Why not? Because they can't sit in a car while they do it. You're perfectly safe from any cop as long as you're more than 20 feet from the nearest easy road access.

    You laugh, but there was a

    You laugh, but there was a bike patrol offered in parts of Brooklyn after a few well-publicized late-night assaults. You called a cellphone number about an hour before you were due at your stop, and someone met you there to escort you home. I don't know anyone who used the service, and I think the few guys running it got burned out and eventually stopped doing it.

    Once again

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    any decent description?

    Usually a bit more foot traffic

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    I've used that route late in the evening and it was rare that there were not 2-3 other walkers. Usually seemed well trafficked and I have seen the Arlington police driving through.

    (The one time I had the thought that, hey I could actually grab one of these taxi's, sitting right there ...ah naw... I made it to the middle of the soccer field when the sky opened up and was drenched seconds ; -)

    One of my peeves with the

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    One of my peeves with the Alewife station is that it's in the middle of nowhere, so to get to any real places where people live or spend time, you have to walk through the sketch zone.

    They put it there so they had space for the giant garage. Except it isn't really convenient for cars at rush hour. They never finished the access roads, which means there's a 30+ minute jam to get out of there in the afternoon.

    The traffic also makes buses slow and unreliable, which causes people to drive instead, making the problem worse.