Police: Marlboro men arrested after heist at South Boston gas station

Boston Police report arresting two South Boston men on charges they broke into the L Street Gulf station early this morning and stole numerous cartons of Marlboro cigarettes.

Police add that even if they hadn't stopped a car matching the description of the one seen fleeing the scene around 1:20 a.m., they might have caught up with the two fairly quickly - since one left a pay stub behind at the scene.

Police say officers stopped the car about three blocks further down L:

[U]pon opening the passenger door several Marlboro cigarette packs and red gloves fell to the ground. Officers observed a trash bag with several Marlboro cigarette boxes on the passenger seat and floor of the motor vehicle.

Meanwhile, back at the gas station. officers observed:

[T]he front glass door to the gas station damaged and several pieces of medium size rocks near the front door. Officers observed multiple packs of Marlboro cigarettes near the front door. Officers also observed a paycheck stub belonging to one of the suspects.

Mark Powell, 48, and David Sweetser, 46, both South Boston residents, were charged with breaking and entering a building, intent to commit a felony and receiving stolen property.

Innocent, etc.



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      Poor place

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      This poor place has had two robberies in 1 month. Either unlucky or thought of as an easy target? I suggest because it is by the highway and a quick entrance on to 90 or 93?

      Definitely all the hallmarks of Southie newcomers

      Doing a smash-and-grab for cigarettes at 1:30am on a weeknight, a paystub on their person (no direct deposit), tried to punch through the glass before using a rock, apprehended two blocks away? Such a pair of criminal geniuses could only be members of the educated, white-collar, overpriced-condo-buying members of Southie's Invading Yuppie Menace.

      LOLOL, on point. The only

      By on

      LOLOL, on point. The only thing that surprised me or just really disgusted me was their ages. ugh. creeps~

      Even if you have direct

      By on

      Even if you have direct deposit, you get a pay stub. Marlboros gave it away.... Dude, why didn't ya's get Newps?

      So the yuppies can't take a

      By on

      So the yuppies can't take a pay stub out of their house (if it is mailed there)? I disagree that most (Yup) jobs have paystubs mailed, real yuppies would have electronic paystubs....

      Not to nit-pick, but wouldn't

      By on

      Not to nit-pick, but wouldn't these guys be more of Muppies (Middle-aged urban professionals) rather than yuppies? I'm not sure what the cut off is for young these days.

      Also I don't get all the yuppie hate, taking over someone else's neighborhood or territory is basically America''s oldest tradition. Saying you hate yuppies is like saying you hate America.

      Wait, I'm confused

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      South Boston ... but didn't you say they were from Marlborough? That's ... almost West of Worcester!

      You are all morons

      By on

      Both of these men are lifelong Southie residents. Don't any of you understand what the word yuppy stands for? Young urban professionals; meaning people with jobs who can afford to live in Southie. Why would yuppies break into a gas station for cigarettes? Idiots.........