Police: Precariously perched peeper pinched

Boston Police report arresting a man they say they found perched atop a bucket, using a phone to video the goings on in the bedroom of a Hallowell Street home.

The alleged joke, however, was on Jason O'Neal, 31, of Mattapan, because the homeowner called 911 to report watching O'Neal perched on the bucket via a surveillance system.

Officers set up a perimeter around the area to prevent the escape of the suspect. Officers then observed a male fitting the suspect’s description walk from the rear of the house and immediately dive to the ground behind a vehicle upon seeing the officers. The officers were able to apprehend the suspect without further incident. A cell phone belonging to the suspect that appeared to be actively video recording was also seized from the ground nearby.

O'Neal was charged with trespassing, attempting to commit a crime and being a peeping Tom.

Innocent, etc.




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    Bravo, sir.

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    Bravo, sir.

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    Cops are always catching

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    Cops are always catching violent criminals. These cases are the ones that probably help them blowoff some stress because they are funny (not to the peepee or peepor) but to the rest of us.

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