Police: Pushy fare evader gets his free ride - to a holding cell

Transit Police report a man trying to piggyback into Downtown Crossing last night ordered the woman whose fare he was trying to share to "hurry up" so he wouldn't get pinched by the fare gate.

The experience apparently so rattled the man that he grew even more agitated as he got on an Orange Line train bound for glory at Forest Hills, which prompted a call to police:

Officers approached [the man] and requested he step out of the train so they could ascertain what his issue was. [He] refused and continued his tumultuous behavior using expletives and causing others to move away from him out of fear.

He was taken down to Transit Police HQ, in a cruiser, for booking on a charge of disorderly conduct, police say, adding he continued to swear up a storm as he was led out of the station.



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