Police release video of possible suspect in North End attack

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Boston Police have released copies of two surveillance videos of a person of interest in the sexual attack early Friday on a woman entering her Unity Street apartment building.

If you know this guy, videoed at Salem and Sheafe streets around the time of the attack, contact the sexual-assault unit at 617-343-4400 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463)



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    Could it be me?

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    With that video, I don't understand how anybody can make out any features of that person even if they know who he is.

    Powerful video enhancement techniques by the BPD

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    "How can we enhance this video prior to distribution to the public, Officer Joe?"

    "I know, we can use a cell phone camera to film the video off of another TV screen! We can zoom in and out by moving the cell phone camera near and far!"

    "Great idea! By the way, how much did you bring home last year, Officer Joe?"


    "Strong work! By the way, the face of the guy in this video-of-a-video looks like a snowman."

    Considering it is the 21st

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    Considering it is the 21st century and this has been a problem for years just why is it that most buildings in the North End do not have modern private security cameras? It is mind boggling that there is a lack of obtainable video. And alarmingly what little video exists happens to make late 80s camcorders look hi-res.