Police seek dumb man in Smart Car

Police are looking for a guy in a silver and black Smart Car who was angrily yelling at kids in the area of White Stadium in Franklin Park early this afternoon.



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    Disturbing the peace?

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    But in any case, BPD does respond to quality-of-life calls like this, even if sometimes just to suggest the person knock it off.

    yeah, this is pretty hilarious

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    Given the stuff people scream at me every other day on my bike. Even when I've had someone intentionally try to hit me, the police have done nothing but yawn. I gave up trying to report harassment...they don't care.


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    I'm sure more will be revealed.

    I certainly hope there is

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    I certainly hope there is more to this and not "my kid was misbehaving and a stranger dared to verbally correct them in public"

    Smart Cars

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    You may not be an idiot, but you sure as shit look like one!


    Driving an appropriately-sized vehicle for the city with good winter driving characteristics (very popular in Canada), high fuel economy, that is easy to park and has demonstrated crashworthiness = an idiot?


    I didnt question

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    its usability, i said you look like a fool driving one.

    As an adult

    Please explain why?

    Saying that someone is "Looking like a fool" based on appearance, despite rationality? That's for childish pecking order games and alleged adults with self-esteem problems.

    Ya ok!

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    I think face tattoos look foolish, but unless I get one I'll never be a confident person. Smart Car look like fisher price cars.

    Come on. They look absolutely

    Come on. They look absolutely ridiculous. You're using the mentality of a smug "world saving" prius driver.

    Most people care what vehicles look like. Most people care what a LOT of things look like.

    Dude getting no respect

    Sure kids will laugh at guys in toy cars, short men with Napoleon complex, cops on bicycles or skateboards, and, um, short, short men.

    Smart cars are not so smart when you are paying full price for a half car and a Prius gets more MPG.

    If the kids ha-ha'd his small car,

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    If the kids ha-ha'd his small car, perhaps he shouted "This was the largest auto that I could afford. Am I therefore to be made the subject of fun?"

    But what were the kids doing...

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    Given that a large group of kids have taken to throwing rocks at people walking in the park and then running down nearby streets jumping on cars one has to wonder what brought on the incident. Cops arrested a group of them a few days ago, but they always seem to come back.

    adam no offense but you

    adam no offense but you posted a headline with squat for details & then sitting here and making assumptions about the emotional state and mental balance of the people that called the police is really weird imo.