Police seek guy who allegedly spat at T bus driver

Spitter sought

Transit Police report they're looking for a guy they say decided to spit at a Route 110 bus driver in Everett last month.

Police say the incident happened around 5:30 p.m. on June 11 at Clinton and Chelsea streets.

The saliva sprayer is described as white or Hispanic, between 25 and 30 years and about 5'9".

Tips to 617-222-1050, or anonymously via test to 873873.



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    Why not

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    Add an ejection mode to the flip down handicap ramp to throw the offenders off the bus in comical faction.

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    WTF is with this epidemic of spitting?

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    even that ass clown Shia LaWhatshisname was spitting at cops in the station house and had to be fitted with a mask. I don't get it. I've been in fights, staring contests, heated arguments, drunk off my ass, I've never wanted to spit at people.

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    No spitting

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    I recall in the 60s there were signs that said "no spitting" in all T stations. But they were there for a different reason. They were intended for the ignoramuses that just spit as a matter of course. I never got
    why people do that either. Some people even have a whole stylized way they do it.

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    Slow news day on the T?

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    Why did it take 23 days to launch this APB for the Everett spitter? No doubt he has fled the country by now.

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    Seinfeld wrote an episode

    By on

    about a magic loogie, perhaps this guy is a fan. The Keith Hernandez episode was just on this evening. George was such a disappointing latex salesman.

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