Police try to crack down on rolling drug bazaar on the Red Line

For the second time in a week, Transit Police report arresting a Red Line rider for allegedly selling drugs on a train.

Police say plainclothes detectives watched as Kevin Hembrough, 37, of New Hampshire, sold somebody some Oxycodone pills on a train stopped at South Station around 1:20 p.m. on Friday.

On March 28, detectives arrested a Dorchester woman for allegedly exchanging Klonopin pills for cash on a train at JFK/UMass.

Innocent, etc.



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    I was on a late night service

    I was on a late night service Red Line train recently. My car had two other people, and they decided that hey, Nicholas LeCompte seems cool or more likely mild-mannered, so they lit a joint. Of course the car began to reek of weed. Later, another person got on and, at that point somewhat understandably, joined them. I didn't say anything because my bullshitometer was already off the charts and I didn't want trouble, but I did eyeball my disapproval in a way that was probably unwisely aggressive.

    Look, I'm glad wacky tobaccy is decriminalized, but come on. Ridiculously disrespectful. If you really absolutely cannot wait 12 minutes until you get off the train, get a vaporizer. A joint is only marginally better than a cigarette.

    You should get the MBTA See Say app

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    You can anonymously and discreetly report this stuff to the MBTA Police. I have used it couple of times and they responded almost immediately. One time was for a fight that I witnessed on the Orange Line that I didn't feel safe getting involved and the other was for junk zombie that I feared would fall into the track pit at Broadway Station. In the second case, they contacted the station attendant who was on the platform within one minute.

    I too used it for a pervert

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    I too used it for a pervert on redline and the operator responded to me immediately via thread in the app that is like a text convo

    They got off before I did,

    They got off before I did, and I feel like it wouldn't have been very anonymous considering I was the only one on the car who wasn't smoking. And, I mean, smoking marijuana in public is a minor criminal violation. It's super rude and I wished they could have paid their fine and did some community service, but I didn't think it was necessary to sic the police on two dudes smoking a joint, especially since I might run in to again in a similar situation. If there were a couple more people on the train, sure.

    However, I took your advice and downloaded the app while at Forest Hills today - there was an old woman who, though probably harmless, was screaming terrible obscenities and clearly needed medical attention. So thanks! I wish the MBTA wasn't so creepy about how they advertised their app - calls of "Orwellian!" are understandable but overblown, unless the transit police start rounding up people on the Green Line who read Allen Ginsburg.

    Another fan of SeeSay app

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    I've used it a couple of times -- once to report a sparking wire hanging down from a pole out at Newton Highlands and once for the creepy guy on the Orange Line.

    Both times, the transit police messaged me back right away and handled the situation.

    It'll probably be legal in the next 3 years.

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    But it's still smoking in a no smoking area.

    I had heard most of the 90's music scene junkies moved to Providence where cost of living is cheaper.

    But I see a fairly obvious gaggle of nodding smack messes on various buses between Wonderland and Lynn, so the old city of sin still seems to be as seedy as ever.

    In some ways I find that comforting.

    Reports from my old suburban cohort indicate the crappier suburbs north of Boston are becoming the new ghettos as another reversal of affluence flight leaves its footprint on both sides of the trade.

    It's still hard to surpass a good filthy stinkin' drunk for unhinging social impacts on several sensory levels. And lord knows, we got an endless supply of them.

    In their defense

    I often wish I was drugged when stuck on a red line train that isn't moving. Or as I like to call them, "weekdays."

    And it isn't something amenable..

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    ....to a remedy from a Snitch-O-Matic app with special back door for upskirt shenanigans and sputtered indignation.

    Right, sure. I am 100% pro

    Right, sure. I am 100% pro pot-cookie when it comes to the Red Line. People can call it the MBTreeA if they use comestibles and remember to stand on the right side of the escalator while they contemplate what a cloud feels like.

    Just don't burn anything in a closed space. It's not that hard.

    Will our jails eventually be

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    Will our jails eventually be empty? With weed (drugs as my conservative crazy self calls it) being legal, ever so lenient judges like judge Dougan, mayor giving bank robbers a raise, ex sox players supporting their murderous violent son, and murders getting acquitted I wonder how many more free smoking potheads we will see, among other failures to our society

    Tobacco, Alcohol

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    ...both legal. Remember that latter one, erm, wasn't for a while. If I recall, it's because disreputes, wife beaters and criminals were the only ones who drank alcohol, no god fearing upstanding citizen ever did, so they saved the children and banned it!

    But wait, a great segment of the population actually enjoyed drinking and it didn't ruin their lives and they continued to be upstanding citizens while doing so, and when it was banned they broke the law because it was stupid. Breaking the stupid law allowed organized crime to gain a foothold that holds and causes this country issues to this day.

    But there is no way at all marijuana is the same.

    Dear Red Line, I am breaking up with you

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    Starting tomorrow, I will be working outside of 495. Yes, you read that right. Outside of 495. Not outside of 128. Not "A mile from the closest T stop." Not train/bus transfers.

    After 20+ years of commuting on various subway lines and a Commuter Rail Line, I need some time to reflect and re-evaluate our relationship. After this past winter, I really cannot take the it anymore. Cracks in the rails, broken signals, broken trains and who knows what else.

    The thought of the sweltering heat in a non-air conditioned car with someone's backpack hitting the side of my head this summer is just too much for me to take.

    I'm sad that I won't be able to give running play-by-play action on twitter with stories of standing on a freezing cold platform in North Quincy for an hour or more until I can get on a train for my 20 minute commute into the city. I'm happy that I'll actually be able to attend 10 am meetings when I leave my house at 8:15 am.

    Beverly, I'd say that I'm going to miss you but how can you miss someone you never knew in the first place?

    Rich, maybe you could try "Opposite Day." Whatever you're doing, do the opposite of it.


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    Do those types of major delays really happen on the Red Line more often then huge traffic jams on 495?

    I'm not on 495. I'm outside of it.

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    I drive on 95 away from the city and drive past 495. It was a breeze this morning - a little jaunt in the country. It might not be so fun on the winter but we'll wait and see.