Police try cracking down around Common

The Globe reports on efforts to stem drug sales in and around the Common, in particular, the short stretch of Boylston between Tremont and Washington where that pilot was arrested the other day.



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St Francis

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It seems like St. Francis House is the magnet for this stretch of Boylston (between Tremont and Washington). Running the gauntlet to the Chinatown T station is quite the adventure most days!
I'm happy to see stepped up patrols even if it's only for the next few weeks because of a high profile arrest!


Honestly, that stretch of

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Honestly, that stretch of Boylston between Tremont and Washington might be the worst couple hundred feet in Boston. NOTHING but drug deals going on there. Went in a convenience store there once and watched as the clerks behind the counter used CCTV to watch a drug deal happen at the front of the store. No call to the cops. Didn't kick them out. Just took in the view.

About time someone's doing something.


The clerks have probably

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The clerks have probably called before and gotten the "yeah well what are we supposed to do about it" response that the BPD likes to give to people calling about drugs in downtown.


I used to belong to a gym on

I used to belong to a gym on that stretch, and while the gym was okay, the neighborhood decidedly dragged it down. The manager said he would call the cops about people loitering around the gym entrance and in that weird plaza (which might be the biggest contributor to the problem, as it's a miniature version of City Hall Plaza,) and the cops basically didn't respond.

St Francis House

Contributes a great deal to the large number of people loitering there. It is sort of a chicken and egg problem. The shelter attracts people who are inclined to look for a quick way to make a buck, plus of course some people are homeless because they have a drug addiction problem.

Are you serious? I must have

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Are you serious? I must have walked / biked / skateboarded / drunkenly ambled / driven through there hundreds of times when Iived in Boston and I was never once harassed or "offended" by any activity going on there. I don't see the problem.. People are going to buy drugs somewhere and if they aren't being aggressive or pushing then who cares? I honestly have never even noticed drug dealing going on there past, say, 2006 and I used to be there all the time...


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So now that they're building

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So now that they're building condos for the 1% they finally decide to crack down on the drug problem.


Give the man a prize

They did the same when the W was going up. Cracked down on drugs, and they all moved to the South End for a few years... Surprised Emerson isn't doing more policing in that area.

You'd maybe be surprised how

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You'd maybe be surprised how BPD ignores calls and concerns from colleges. The private security forces at these schools have no authority unless they come into a building. The vagrants and druggies know their rights and push back when told to knock it off or move on.

It's a serious problem, the number of people in unfortunate circumstances who now occupy Boston's streets.

Ok, maybe 1% was an

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Ok, maybe 1% was an exaggeration. Maybe affluent was a better choice, but I sure you know the point I was trying to make.

1% doesn't mean billionair

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Um, people in the so called 1% need only report about $400k on their taxes to maintain their membership. Billionaires are more like the .0001% unless they are being really clever on reporting their income.

The Ritz building has been

The Ritz building has been completed for, what, more than 10 years at this point. It's amazed me that the building has done so well given the neighborhood.

whats typical punishment for

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whats typical punishment for drug arrests in MA? I know all other crime is taken as a joke by the court system. is there any particular crime that courts are really strict on? I feel like they take elderly abuse and animal cruelty pretty seriously.. just wondering what you all think

Downtown Drug Deals

OPIATE, n. An unlocked door in the prison of Identity. It leads into the jail yard.

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