Police: Woman steals firefighter's wallet from station while he's out fighting a fire

Wanted in Revere

Revere Police are looking for a woman they say walked into the city's Central Fire Station with two children on July 7 while firefighters were at a fire on Revere Beach.

The female proceeded to walk around the Fire Station and later took a wallet belonging to a Firefighter that was left behind. Later that evening, the above pictured female used stolen credit cards from the wallet at various locations including Target and Payless Shoes in Revere.

If you know her, you can contact detectives at 781-656-1128.




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    That is the lowest of the low

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    That is the lowest of the low ! That guy could go out on a run and not come back. Have some basic respect here.

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    that she brought her kids to work.

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    Mother of the year material...

    But another thing, it's good that she used his card because, first, he's off the hook for the charges, (Hold it, she used HIS card?) secondly, now we have a pic...

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    It's surprising that the woman was able to use his credit card,

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    given that most, if not all credit cards either have the owner's picture on the back, or a 3-numbered security number on the back of the credit card, in order to prevent unauthorized use of someone's credit card, in case an unauthorized person does get hold of it.

    Many, if not most all credit cards also have a zero liability policy, which protects the user's stolen credit card by not holding the aggrieved user responsible for the unauthorized charges, but the person whose credit card was stolen and used dishonestly must contact their credit card company right away and let the know about any unrecognizeable transactions on their credit card statement so they can get immediate protection.

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    This woman looks like

    This woman looks like somebody that I see downtown Boston around Washington and School. I see her taking cigarette butts from trashcans outside bars and restaurants. Its pretty sad, because she is quite pretty and not what you expect for homeless. Probably hooked on drugs like the other trash that hangs around 7/11 next to the Old South Meeting house.

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    Quite pretty?

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    Nobody stays at firehouse?

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    So I'm assuming there is nobody left in the house when they are out on a call? That doesn't seems safe.

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    Safe? Rushing towards fires for a living is not safe.

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    Safe? Rushing towards fires for a living is not safe. Not bringing all the on-call professionals who might be able to put out that fire/save someone is arguably not safe.

    Leaving the house open while out fighting fires somewhat increases the chances of property loss, but hardly seems in the same category (and given how rare this sort of story appears, I think the increase is minimal).

    Don't victim-blame. This woman is a thief, and should not be out on the streets. And certainly should not have children in her care.

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    Some houses the doors are on

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    Some houses the doors are on timers and close by themselves. don't know about Revere. But it is a busy area, the buses turn around out back , if I could remember right.

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