Poor little lost boat

Sugar Bowl boat

Steve Bikes photographed the loose boat on the rocks of the Sugar Bowl.



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    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one who actually calls this Pleasure Bay? For years, it seems everyone calls it the 'Sugar Bowl' -- which I'm not sure what the significance of that name even is.

    Pleasure bay is the bay on

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    Pleasure bay is the bay on the inside. This boat is on the harbor side. The structure previously there, was the shape of a bowl, hence sugar bowl, it will always be the sugar bowl to some.

    Not sure

    Not sure what you mean by "structure" that was "previously" there. As I understand it, the bowl came to be only when the causeway was built to connect Castle Island to Head Island.

    And why not just 'The Bowl'?

    If you walk around Pleasure

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    If you walk around Pleasure Bay, when you get to the point where there is a rest area w/ benches, the area faces Thompson's Island. There was a cement structure there in the shape of a bowl. An area with benches where people could sit. That was known as the sugar bowl. Not sure why it isn't just "the bowl".

    Sugar Bowl structure

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    The causeway from the Sugar Bowl/Head Island was built in the 50s, complete in 1959.. the causeway out to Head Island was built in the 1890s I believe. On Head Island there used to be benches in a circular formation (the structure referred to) that were covered by heavy white awning .. Head Island itself was round, somehow someone called it a "sugar bowl' and the name stuck. Every kitchen or dining room table in the mid and early part of the 1900s used to have a sugar bowl on it!


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    When we were kids we would lift our bikes up onto the "roof" of the Sugarbowl and ride around it. The precast panels were pitched and you could get up some speed going around until you got dizzy.
    On another note, it is surprising how many people are unfamiliar with City Point.

    When I hear "Sugar Bowl," I

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    When I hear "Sugar Bowl," I think of the sledding spot by Jamaica Pond and Pinebank Field. I was wondering how a boat ended up there.

    Marine Park

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    Marine Park - awesome Olmsted. Shots fired from Castle William at it, in anger!