Postal worker admits stealing iPhones out of a mail-sorting machine

Mark Dozier, 58, of Roxbury, admitted stealing 12 iPhones in 2012 and reselling them at a local barbershop, the US Attorney's office reports.

Dozier, who also pleaded guilty to using his brother's information to get a job with the postal service, faces up to five years in prison.




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    iHope so too.

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    iHope so too.

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    Oh, oh, my turn.

    I hope they read the number of years of his sentence to him in binary:

    Judge: Your sentence is 1111.
    Guilty guy: 4 years? Is that it? I can do that no problem.

    I know, I know, day job and all.

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    He probably did that to me

    I live in Roxbury and had an iphone stolen out of the mail in 2012. They delivered an empty box with a note saying "sorry for the damage." Thanks a lot, asshole. I hope you enjoy the 5 years.

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    AT&T replaced it

    I notified the post office and AT&T (who I bought the phone from). The AT&T rep said it actually happens often, they sent me another one via FedEx this time, overnight, no cost to me. So props to AT&T and thank god I didn't have to deal with claims, fighting with 2 bureaucracies over who is responsible, etc.

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