Poutine a la Roslindale


On the way back from a terrifying journey to Roche Bros. in West Roxbury (the parking lot was even more insane than usual; thoughtfully, however, the store had almost every single register open), the kidlet and I stopped at Romano's in Roslindale Square for some of their poutine.

Not bad at all. I'm no expert, but it seemed like they swapped in mozzarella balls for the cheese curds, but as I'm no expert, I think I preferred it that way, anyway.

If you want to try Quebec food at a Mexican/Italian place in Roslindale, they have it on the regular menu on weekends for $6.50 (you can get it the rest of the week if you give them 25 minutes notice). They're right at the corner of Corinth and Washington streets.



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If you want some without the

If you want some without the restaurant Trader Joe's has Poutine in the freezer section for $3.99, at least the one on Memorial Drive does ( not sure how long they plan to stock it) . ( frozen fries, gravy packet, packet of cheese curds).


they're great

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I had them last week. Poutine is coming to the new Roxy's in Allston's Union Square. It seems like Adam enjoys poutine just as much as I do.

Roche Bros Parking Lot

I'll never understand why that lot isn't considered one of the most dangerous places to drive in Boston. It's an absolute nightmare. The only way to do it is to enter off Belgrade and hope one of the side spots is open.



Is the pizza any better under the new management?


If you didn't like the pizza before, you probably still won't. But I think their pizza is quite good, though maybe not as good as the Pleasant.


It was ok

But worse than Checkmate usually. The cheese quality varied a lot.

The one and only time I've

The one and only time I've had poutine was during a trip to Montreal in 2000. I think the stuff is still in my stomach somewhere. So very heavy.

Am now reminded of some truly awful eggs benedict I had in late 1998 at a breakfast place on Charles Street.


That looks absolutely

That looks absolutely disgusting. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic in America. They're not even french fries cut from real potatoes in-house; just you're standard commercial use frozen bag.


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There's an obesity epidemic in America because a random joint in Roslindale serves poutine. Quit being a buzzkill.


I would imagine ...

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... that the cause of American obesity is not recently adopted Canadian food.