Praying for a victory at South Boston field

Praying mantis in South Boston

Suldog forwards this Thursday-evening photo by Joe Burke, explains:

Last night, at the M Street Softball League playoffs in Southie, a praying mantis was on the field. Showing that we fast-pitch softball guys have some heart, our league commissioner, Mark Senna (pictured here with the mantis), went down on the field and coaxed him onto the official scorebook so he wouldn't be inadvertently hurt by a runner, a ball or bat, or whatever else might cause irreparable harm to an innocent mantis. After everybody had a chance to look at him (and as he calmly looked back at us) we released him in the grassy part of the park behind the stands.



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    First player who saw him said something like, "What the hell is THAT?!?" while his eyes bugged out because he'd never seen an insect that big. Funny stuff.


    He Came Close

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    Joe Burke's son really wanted to take him home as a pet (and, from what I've read, a mantis can make a decent little pet; they adapt very readily to human presence, as he did with all of us at the ballfield, not trying to escape in any way.)


    Bug praying for the last place team?

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    Mark Senna writes a pretty good sports column for 'South Boston Today' newspaper. His play by play coverage of the M Street Softball League is never boring. I'm thinking he can somehow work the Praying Mantis angle into his next article to show that the bug was there as divine intervention that brought the last place team to the finals and then the championship. Maybe he can get the insect to be a guest umpire.