Probably not grounds for divorce, but woman desperately seeks coffee beans she left on the Red Line

NECN weatherman Matt Noyes received an unusual plea: A woman who had just bought a bag of rare coffee beans as a gift for her husband lost them on the Red Line yesterday and is seeking their return:

Yesterday at 4pm during rush hour a polite passenger traveling south on the redline from Kendall Square stood up to give an older woman her seat. At JFK the polite passenger got off the train leaving behind a brown paper grocery bag with $100 of rare coffee bean inside. 8 bags of small batch rare coffee bean from the FlatWhite. Mostly rare coffee bean from Africa and Ethiopia.

He says the woman even tried to catch up with the train at Braintree with no luck.

Ed. note: FlatWhite and not Flat Black?



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      Rare Coffee beans?

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      Whelp that's it. The Recession is over.

      ps. If I ever spend $100 on coffee beans you have my permission to shoot me.

      It's a gift

      Maybe not a gift everyone would want to give or receive but I'd put this in the same category as taking a friend/spouse out for dinner at a fancy place and spending at least as much.

      Cappy et al get A+ on snark, F- on math

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      You were apparently so excited about being able to dump on a stranger who was doing something nice for a loved one, that you (and the yabos who upthumbed you) didn't stop to do some simple math.

      I can go to any supermarket in the city and fill a small plastic shopping bag with ten pounds of normal brand coffee and easily spend $100. Those mylar bags lining the shelves are usually 12oz each and cost anywhere between $6-10.

      Thirteen 12oz bags @ $7.69 = $100

      It doesn't say how big the individual bags she bought were, but if they were one pound bags, that's $12.50/lbs or $9.37 for 12oz - less than what you'd pay for a bag of Starbucks brand coffee at any Shaws.

      Feel free to shoot yourself, Cappy.


      We get freshly roasted giant bags of coffee (5lbs each) at Mystic Coffee Roaster for my husband's workplace.

      Even at the discount price for ordering 10-20 lbs at a time it still somewhere between $100-$200 per run. (on the order of $10 a pound in bulk - compared to $14 for a single pound in their coffee shop)

      I mean, that's the coffee supply for a 100+ person office for about two weeks, but it can still be easily hauled on a bike.

      Barrington Coffee is around $15-16 a pound in their shop (but you get a free drink with that).

      This is just what you pay when you buy good fair trade beans that are small-batch roasted two days ago, instead of factory roasted coffee with a use by date on it.


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      I shot myself after reading that nonsense. This is my ghost telling you that I stand by my statement. 100 on coffee is silly, stupid and so very wasteful.

      I picture you spitting out your 100 dollar cup of coffee in self righteous indignation and saying in a Thurston Howell III voice." LOVEY, that guy is belittling our coffee buying practices! I must give him a piece of my mind!"

      Well you did. Well done. You win.

      Indeed it is - I miss it

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      Indeed it is - I miss it dearly.

      From Wiki: It is somewhat similar to the cappuccino or the latte although smaller in volume, therefore having a higher proportion of coffee to milk (closer to a cortado), and milk that is more velvety in consistency – allowing the espresso to dominate the flavour, whilst being supported by the milk.

      According to a survey of industry commentators, a flat white has several defining characteristics:
      1. a thin layer of velvety micro-foam (hence the "flat" in flat white), as opposed to the relatively thicker layer of stiffer foam in a cappucino.
      2. medium size (typically the same cup size of a cappuccino, i.e. about 150-180 ml or 5–6 oz).
      3. free poured milk so that the foam is folded through the whole drink and there is no discernable layer separation between liquid coffee and Abdi.
      4. it should not be served in a large glass, as the larger (and therefore weaker tasting) cafe latte typically is.

      Sorry - I thought the wiki

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      Sorry - I thought the wiki entry was a little clearer. A flat white is a type of coffee like lattes etc.. you can make it with any coffee bean. I don't know why you would get International coffee imported from Australia (although we do have very good coffee).


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      Don't lose your tamper. This is hardly the most pressing concern here. Besides, nobody is asking you to pour over every post.


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      Is the Keurig version $1000?


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      At Market Basket