Propane grill sets house on fire in Allston

Firefighters are at 21 Mansfield St., where a fire in a barbecue streaked up the outside wall of the house around 6:30 p.m. and got into the roof of an extension to the house.



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    Was there a deck attached to the outside wall of said house? Was the barbecue on the deck?

    the back yard has kind of a

    the back "yard" has kind of a weird setup and i'm going to guess that the tenant just had the grill against the side of the house. theres no real good place to put one there, which is why i just got a tiny portable weber there that i used on this little concrete slab (that was at a funky angle/really small) in the back.

    probably also why i havent set any of my houses on fire

    i used to live at 21

    i used to live at 21 mansfield lol.

    i thought it would probably burn down because of the electricity that could be seen arcing from the outlets, or the water that was frequently in the ceiling light fixtures.

    i guess the propane grill is as good a reason as any