Prospects dim for using old Nantucket Lightship for giant illuminated displays

The group restoring the Nantucket Lightship says it doubts it will let Harbor Arts string a "sail" between the ship's towers that could be set to broadcast illuminated displays of art across the harbor, and really wishes the whole idea had never been made public to begin with.

In e-mail today, the U.S. Lightship Museum says:

Although Harbor Arts has approached us for this project, we have not made any commitment to them. Presently, the USLM is reviewing their proposal. The harbor arts video proposal has merit and we applaud their efforts but it may not be possible to include Nantucket/LV-112 for reasons of historic integrity. We have limitations as a National Historic Landmark and a strict covenant that we are required to uphold. However, we would like to consider and work with Harbor Arts on projects that are compatible with LV-112.



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    OK in concept but...

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    How long before it would start showing ads?

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    How does this breach the historic convenant?

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    The display is not permanent. I breach the covenant just as much when I board the Constitution for a tour, dressed in my 80's finery.

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    Public Art in Boston

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    The Nantucket Lightship should see this as a positive use of space. Since it is a temporary installation why would it harm the historical integrity? It seems that Boston yet again will remain behind in all forms of art. Seriously, when do you see Boston artists that actually live in Boston subsidized or encouraged to do innovative projects? That's why artists keep leaving Boston for residencies in more evolved countries or cities! Everyone in Boston should be motivated to change the art climate here and the ICA does not even seem to focus on local artists. We need more projects that showcase the harborwalk, shipyards, and the harbor itself!

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    Harbor Arts mess

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    Harbor Arts has made a mess within a mess at the shipyard. Hoping the lightship people keeps their distance from any Harbor Arts project.

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