Providence Line riders stranded for an hour; as you can imagine, they're rather dour

At 7:16 p.m., Courtney Webster checked in from the 6:10 p.m. Providence Line train, which, rather than approaching Providence, had spent most of that time sitting just outside Ruggles:

Finally have a rescue train.



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    Has MassDOT's Richard Davey

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    Has MassDOT's Richard Davey now told Beverly Scott to keep mum about all the T's problems, as there are far too many to comment on?

    It's just that I haven't heard her name in a while. And that my formerly semi-reliable bus route has now gone to the dark side, with multiple breakdowns each week.


    The ts problems, due to

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    The ts problems, due to decades of lack of maintenance and investment, are well known. It's a matter of convincing Murray and the rest of the legislature to fund it, as Patrick and Davey have pleaded for years, but she seems intent on ignoring the Mbta and throwing money on the convention center.


    Tourism is Murray's own special grift.

    As a venality gold medalist, old Therese has taken the torch passed from a disgraced DiMasi and runs well with it.

    She actually has a cameo in Tracy Kidder's book "Home Town" where she was spectacularly vicious. And he is a pretty kindly guy.

    And she has vindictiveness covered as well as any petty Masshole who ever slithered their way into that dome thing on Beacon Hill.

    I am a lifelong old school liberal but I'm reasonably sure I won't live to see the Masshole Democrats ever truly clean house and purge the grifters.

    They always come out on top in the strange Bully/Toady world that makes our politics so specious.

    But, on the other hand, she does have a killer hair helmet and that is all that really matters.


    The biggest problem in instances like this one

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    is management's philosophy of "We have a stuck train. Let's wait for the next regularly scheduled train on that line to come along and push it." instead of the much more logical and time-saving practice of "We have a stuck train. Let's dispatch a rescue engine NOW to get it to its destination."


    Between casket/gasket and

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    Between casket/gasket and dour/hour, today may be your best T rhyming day yet.


    On a roll.

    Dour is fun to work with.

    Are you dour by the hour?

    You can make your dour flower,

    Have a glass of Dour Power.