Pru food court once again bereft of Chilean sandwiches

Closed Chacarero

Amy B. was hoping for a Chilean sandwich today, so was perturbed to see the Prudential Chacarero behind a barrier:

Please tell me the Chacarero at the Pru is just being renovated!

KneeAnalogue, though, brings bad news:

I got a sandwich on Wednesday and they told me Friday was going to be the last day.

Mister Jon adds:

I've spoken with the owner. Business was just not what they had expected.

The stand had been open for maybe a year, and replaced the food court's only Indian-food place.



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Where've YOU been

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It was moved a LONG time ago over to Washington St. next to Macy's across from Kenmore Army and Navy. They also have another one next to Staples by State St. near Gov. Center.

Good stuff.

The last Chacarero location is on Arch Street across from the Unitarian church by the way.

Yup, all the carts that were

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Yup, all the carts that were on Summer St. had to relocate when construction on the Great Filene's Hole recommenced last year.


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Across from the St. Anthony's Shrine. Not the Unitarian church.

Around the corner....

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Michael: They were moved around the corner to Washington Street, near Macy's side entrance. They explained to me that the move (made some time ago) was due to the construction at the old Filene's site. They still have the long lines at lunch time, so regulars have managed to find them following the move. I miss the woman who was there for years - a different crew there now.


Bloody tourists

have miserable taste in fast food. A shame, as Back Bay has so few good cheap options. Enjoy your Panda Express, Qdoba, and suck-ass mall Pizzeria Regina, philistines.


Can you still order in

Can you still order in advance? That's what we would do, and then we'd switch off being the unlucky soul to go pick it up that week.

Mmmm, sooooooo goooooooood.


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Yes, you can still order on advance. I work a block from Arch St and realize this every time I go there (while I'm waiting in the long line, of course!)

I personally

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tend to be suspicious of independent mall vendors, because I got burned by scammy ones as a teenager a few too many times. Malls seem to be a place with no middle ground of offerings, it's either mediocre national chains or sketchy salesmen looking to make a quick buck off of stupid teenagers.

I would not be surprised if that attitude spills over to food vendors, too.

Looking at this place made me sad.

The places around it would be busy, have long lines, and all of their employees looked busy. Then when you looked at Chacarero the employees mostly just took around and looked at everyone else working.


Just found out

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That they were even there in the mall last week. And now they are gone. They are so great but I wonder if you have to know, so the tourist mall crowd isn't the right one for them.

And for those in the know

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there's just something a little icky about eating in a food court...even if you're eating the best food IN the food court. The nice, indy hole-in-the-wall vibe is destroyed when you're yards away from Foot Locker and Sephora and Ann Taylor. So I'm sorry to hear that they're gone but I hope they find a spot that deserves them.


I just found out they were

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I just found out they were there because of this posting! If I'd know I would have gone there at least once a week as normally I avoid the Prud' food court

It's something about that spot

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It was the same with India Gourmet; the Japanese place on one side and the burger joint on the other would be hopping, and it would be dead. I actually found the Indian place's food to be pretty good for mall food. It also helped that there was never a line! :)


I didn't even know India

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I didn't even know India Gourmet had closed. Shows how long it's been since I last was in the Pru food court, I guess ...

too expensive

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Maybe if they had priced their Sandwiches a couple of bucks less THEN people would have been there more often!! I love Chacareros, but too pricey for me.