Public art coming to Uphams Corner

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative has picked five finalists for its proposed Uphams Corner ArtPlace - which will tie into the expanded and renovated Fairmount Line. See the proposals and the artists.

Ed. note: I helped build the Web pages that introduce the finalists - which is how I learned about the project.




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    I was surprised that I found

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    I was surprised that I found the proposals and previous bodies-of-work of the two groups with the oldest members to be the freshest and most engaging (ie Pierce/Yoneoka/Goodnight and Harries/Héder).

    I'm sure the other artists are excellent, but after watching their videos and reading the added material, I was left wondering "did they ever actually say what they were planning on creating?"

    In particular, none of the three other finalists describe a concept for a permanent installation (as per the commission's requirements), but are rather proposing that they be paid to organize members of the local community to come up with such a proposal - which would then be paid for with additional money from...whence? This they do not say.

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    one can see the Art from Columbia Road when sitting in traffic. One of the worst intersections in the city.

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