A Public Garden clusterduck

Tons of ducks in Boston's Public Garden

La Bibliotequetress stuck around just long enough to make sure the ducks didn't eat that guy by the bench yesterday.




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    I haven't been up there in a while but I can't imagine the Public Garden doesn't have signs to that effect...?!

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    Are there really signs? I don't think that I have ever seen a sign saying anything about not feeding the ducks at the Public Gardens. There are "keep of the grass" signs and some trees have signs, but that is all.

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    Get closer to the water

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    There are at least a few signs along the Lagoon that illustrate the Great Circle of Disease and Pestilence: You feed the birds, which then refuse to move, ever, and then they poop in the water, which causes disease, which kills us all and then the hungry birds eat our remains.

    Or something like that. But there are definitely signs illustrating a vicious bird cycle.

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    There are definitely signs to

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    There are definitely signs to that effect around the pond. I see this guy all the time, especially in the evenings. He throws so much bread around I think he's a baker. Smokes a big stogie while he's doing it too. Tourists and kids seem to love it.

    This is why I will never lay down on the grass around the pond.

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    signs are there

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    I've seen them. Been up for years.

    FYI, it's the Boston Public Garden, not Gardens.

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    Feeding the birds

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    I have come to the conclusion that most people that feed birds, wildlife are doing it for their own amusement/entertainment. They don't seem to be concerned whether it is good for the animals or not. Just my opinion.

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    Just came form Allentown this weekend, where their parks have a $600 fine for feeding wildlife....

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    When I was a child

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    there were absolutely signs, everywhere, clearly stating don't feed the animals. There were also signs regarding not playing on the grass, the public gardens weren't a park like the common, they were botanical gardens.

    Of course Boston has become completely sanitized and turned into a tourist playground. I'm sure the management felt those signs were mean spirited and 'rude'.

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    Kudos on the heading! There are signs and the park rangers should be confronting this man each time he is out there feeding the wildlife!

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    The Fens are even worse than

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    The Fens are even worse than this but with geese. I'd prefer ducks! Central Park has dogs to keep this from happening. When will Boston get some?

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