Puppies stolen in Roslindale

Stolen puppies

Boston Police report two eight-week-old female American bully puppies were taken during a housebreak on Washington Street in Roslindale this past Sunday.

The victim reported that two eight-week-old, tri-colored (gray, brown, and white) female American bully puppies were stolen from the victim’s residence.

If you see the pups, contact detectives at 617-343-4595 or 617-343- 4328.



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Pretty sure that this guy

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is on Craigslist constantly shilling his "American bullies" for like a gazillion dollars.

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I'm pretty sure

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You don't know what your talking about those are our pets and you can keep your comment to yourself

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Can you not read. It clearly

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Can you not read. It clearly States nothing else was stolen so why ask

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