Quiet Jesus Lady is quiet

Quiet Jesus Lady

She stands, litterally, in sharp contrast to Screaming Jesus Guy, who has been annoying people on the Red and Orange lines for years now.

You can find her sometimes in the lobby of the Forest Hills Orange Line station. Like the Jehovah's Witnesses, she just stands there, but instead of having a copy of the Watchtower in an outreached hand, she just holds her sign. Of late, for example, this afternoon, she's been holding court in front of the Washington-Beech housing project, right at the corner of Washington and Beech.



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Hey, she's standing there

Hey, she's standing there with her sign, not making a scene, or noise. That's a kind of evangelical I can get behind.

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There's that assertion again

The latest thing in Evangelical signs seems to be "Heaven/Hell/Jesus/God is real".

As long as they ask but don't demand that I believe it, all is well.

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She might convert more people

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She might convert more people if her grammar wasn't so off-putting:

heaven and hell is real

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But nowhere near as annoying as the one that actually yells and shouts and disrupts everyone (AKA the Screaming Jesus Guy). If I see him, I switch cars. But she is quiet, peaceful, and non-confrontational so I just leave her alone and go about my own business.

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Screaming Jesus Guy is gonna

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Screaming Jesus Guy is gonna start screaming at the wrong person one of these days and someone's gonna get Pontius Pilate on his ass!!!! I hope I'm there to witness it.

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