Rain doesn't stop Roslindale parklet

Roslindale parklet

Workers didn't let some rain today stop them from installing Roslindale's new parklet on Cohasset Street, on the side of Fornax.



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    Neat, but I am willing to bet money that someone drives right into it.

    People come around that corner at a decent speed all the time and the park is right there. Hopefully this works as a traffic calming measure more than speed bump.

    At speed? I don't see that.

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    It's a sharp blind turn in the most pedistrian-heavy corner in Rosi, with a handicap place right at the corner. I do see drivers hop across the street from the Village Mkt parking lot - but those drivers have a clear view of the intersection and the street beyond.

    If cars often "came around that corner at a decent speed", there would have been accidents with pedestrians, to say nothing of the delivery vans/trucks that often park there (as well as the occasional auto scofflaw).


    Although I agree think that a traffic-calming raised intersection would be a great thing there - but even better if it were one block up at Birch St, by Blue Star/Sebastian's.

    All of the time

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    People go the wrong way, or reverse down that section all of the time.

    driving slower than I could walk

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    I agree people drive THE WRONG WAY all the time down Taft Ct by the Village Market, but I've never seens anybody turn right out of BofA. Besides, whenever I'm in that vicinity, it is back up from Washington st. I'm glad if I'm driving faster than I can walk.

    Everybody sees different things I guess

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    MadMax: I live on Cohassett st, and I assure you that people make the right out of the BOA parking lot.

    Jeff: If I make the same bet as everyone else, then I don't get that big payout.

    Also Cohasset resident

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    People do take a left out of BoA frequently. Also, people do take that corner fast because they are pulling out of traffic on Corinth and racing down Cohasset.

    Looks like a nice place

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    for some wine and beer, and a flamenco guitarist serenading the parklet people.

    Love it; also love the signage

    The Rozi Main Streets facebook page has some other pictures; one of the things I really like was a very clear sign that says "this is public space usable by anyone"

    I've seen parklets in cities like San Francisco and really loved the idea but one thing I noticed was that if the parklet was in front of a cafe or coffeehouse there was a good chance that the business ended up subverting the parklet and treating it as private space for their business and patrons.

    From what I saw on the FB pics they went out of their way to make it clear the seats and spots are open to all - a very good thing and I'm glad they put that in at the beginning.