Rainbow over Allston and downtown

Rainbow in Allston

Phil captured the rainbow over Cambridge Street and the turnpike in Allston yesterday - from the same storm that gave us that giant cloud.

Copyright Phil. Posted in on Flickr.

Jed Hresko, meanwhile, spotted the rainbow downtown:

Rainbow over downtown Boston



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Rainbows over Allston and the pike are so romantic.

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I was on 1A in East Boston at

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I was on 1A in East Boston at the time, and it was briefly a full double rainbow. Now that's rare!

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A friend was having his wedding in The City, and I lived in Western parts at the time, so I was driving in on Rte 2. As I came down Mile Hill in Belmont, there was a triple rainbow over Boston. Other guests saw it, too. We all figured it must be a good omen (because it had to mean something, right?) It may have been an omen, but the marriage didn't last...

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