Random acts of snowshoveling on the Brookline/Brighton line

November Project (Boston), "Shoveling Summit Ave"

The November Project is a group for people who want to exercise in the winter months - outside. Around 6 a.m., members congregated on Summit Avenue and shoveled random people's walks and driveways - then ran down the park at the top of the hill that gives the street its name.

Wicked Local Brookline has more.

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Great idea! I love being

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Great idea! I love being outside in this weather. Dressed properly and it is quite enjoyable. I went out last night to get a head start on shoveling and it was so nice and peaceful. Good sparkly, fluffy snow. As an office worker, count me in as someone who'll usually find an excuse to do something outside. I've got cabin fever already.

Of course when we were kids, shoveling out other peoples stuff was just what we did. Hanging around the house wasn't much of an option if it was a clear day, Mom would've thought we were sick if we were inside.

Come join us

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Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:30. We don't always shovel snow. But when we do, we prefer steep hills. @Nov_Project

they apparently got police attention

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....although nobody in the group will say what the cops said.

Seriously, our cops have nothing better to do than harass a running group?


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because they are on people's property without their permission? Shoveling the sidewalk in front of someone's house is one thing, going on their porch...well..

While someone probably did

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While someone probably did call in, they check on us every Friday.

Some tweets from @BrooklineMAPD

@Nov_Project just saw the video. Well done, also thanks to those who started to follow us. Perhaps some of us will see you next week.

@Nov_Project Fun day, glad you are getting along with the neighbors. Give thanks to officer Brother for today's story, he is a fan
2:31pm - 3 Jan 14


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That is good to know! Personally, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing my drive walk cleared upon waking (and, as a runner, if I lived nearer, I might of joined you!)

Nice things being done by nice people :)

Should always check first with home owners

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I have no idea if they do this or not, so I'm not admonishing just suggesting. If I were to organize something like this, I would always be sure to check with the home owner/tenant about whatever peculiarities the person may have about their snow being shoveled. I know that my landlord prefers that it only be put on one side of the driveway and not use the flower bed in front of the house unless absolutely necessary, for example. I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for putting it one place and not another in certain cases to avoid burying something important or blocking access, etc. I'd appreciate someone shoveling out my driveway more if I don't have to go out and "undo" something they did that I don't like.

Just a thought...probably already taken into account and prevents the problems with police if they know you're there for health and help.

Hydrants and Sidewalks

Shoveling driveways and walkways is a nice thought, but they could cover more ground if they stuck to clearing hydrants and sidewalks. That would clear more space for more runners, too.