A ray of sunshine? Trinity works to make middle class housing in Boston a reality

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Adam's prior article was good

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Adam's prior article was good, but that was before the development plans were shared with the public and the community process had started. Looks like momentum is in Trinity's favor now. The Carruth has been a great addition to a great neighborhood. A new development similar to that would be excellent and this seems like the perfect site for this type of development. (Selfishly, I hope it includes another restaurant too. It would be nice to have an additional option to the great restaurants already there.).

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Or a mix of low-income housing and a few yuppies who wanted to live in edgy Ashmont and didn't quite realize what they were getting themselves into? Housing affordable to lower folks in lower paying fields (i.e. those earning 35-50k for one, 60-80k for two - teachers, social workers, postdocs, etc) would be great, but that's not what it is. This is simply another case of taxpayers and market rate buyers/renters paying for someone else's giveaway housing.

PS: is the Carruth website horribly outdated, or is it really only 33% sold?

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