Really pooped in Jamaica Plain

Bad words on a note posted to a fence in Jamaica Plain

Hell hath no fury like a Jamaica Plain resident who is really put out by poop. Neal Simpson spotted this epic work posted on a fence on Williams Street, a few doors down from Doyle's.

Just think: This person was so annoyed he or she went home (or just inside) fuming, pounded this out on the keyboard, printed it out and went back out with some tape to alert the miscreant, who no doubt will read it, feel incredibly guilty and pledge to carry a Globe Direct bag for poop forever more.



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    What a nut. Bet the a-hole

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    What a nut. Bet the a-hole doesn't read the note orrrrrr maybe he/ she will use the note to pick up dog mess. This could get exciting!

    I concur.

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    I concur.

    Just put up a few

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    Just put up a few surveillance cameras. count your blessings that,s all you need them for . Plus you can walk to a good gin mill without fear of the dreaded OUI . Thhat area was a tough area years ago, ask Gerry about it !

    Soft On Crime

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    Letting dogs poop everywhere should be a capital crime. I don't care if people "pick it up" even as there is still poop residue and dog piss everywhere. This is why I propose we seed medians and parks with land mines.


    Poop residue

    Dog poop is pretty nasty overall, but people pay good money for certain types of poop residue.

    I guess it isn't necessary in your sterile, concrete brutalist vision of the world, though.


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    i'm taking my dog to Jamaica Plain right now. then I'm heading over to an ex girlfriends house....


    I admit, it was me. I had an

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    I admit, it was me. I had an Atomic Burrito and decided to go for a walk to help with the digestion. The Atomic Burrito did its work and I had to take a poopy on this guys lawn. I am sorry.

    So which is more obnoxious,

    So which is more obnoxious, the parking spot saving, Mickey Rooney "Sally" cap wearing, green beer swilling, Plastic Paddy Southies, or the Passive-Aggressive, Prius driving, kale eating, tough talking anti-dogshit-sign-writing-when-nobody-is-looking, neo hippies in JP? Tough call.


    South Shore

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    Plastic Paddy Southies

    You mean Plastic Paddy South Shores. Yuppies took over Southie years ago.


    comments on these thread are pathetic, it really shows how people are ignorant, inconsiderate and disrespectful of others. Im glad that each and one of you are not my neighbors otherwise you deserve to get more than a heap of dog shit on your front door.