On the Red Line, those pesky signals go unlit, riders too cold to throw a fit

Signal problems mean the dreaded "severe" delays on the Red Line between Harvard and JFK/UMass this morning.

Lisa reports:

That has to be a new record... Took 45 minutes to get from Davis Square to Kendall Square.



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I'm willing to bet

that it is the same issue. But heaven forbid they stick with whatever reason most closely resembles the actual problem.



The T has now combined "signal problems between Harvard and JFK" and "track problems at charles" into "track problems between between Harvard and JFK"


my commute rocked!!

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Route 47 bus and Orange Line ran like clockwork! thank you MBTA!


No problems

Had no problems getting on at Haymarket and proceeding to Heath St, not too long after a second disabled train at Government Center at approx 7am.



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Took me a solid hour to get from Alewife to Park Street.


Not so sure that's true

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I think depending on the Mass Pike and/or 93 is a much bigger hell. The Red Line added 35 minutes to my normal 35 commute from Alewife. Back in my days of commuting on the Pike, it wasn't unusual to have some combination of rain and accidents turn my 60 minute commute into a 180 minute commute.


It's a rare day that my 30

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It's a rare day that my 30 minute drive is delayed enough to take longer than my (at best) 60 minute bus-train ride.

I still take the T since it's less stressful, cheaper, and better than the environment. But for me, there's no way it's faster.

Then there's the days when the bus is 30 minutes late in 11-degree weather, and nextbus keeps lying to me and saying the bus is 5 minutes away, and my toes go numb. On days like that, I wish I drove.

Almost 3 hours now

In a few minutes, it will be three straight hours of severe Red Line delays, from roughly 6:45 to 9:45, making sure none of the morning rush was spared. Apparently it is another cracked rail issue, per a few Twitter posts.


Fixed at 1pm

We're just a couple minutes shy of 1pm, and the MBTA is just now announcing the return of regular Red Line service.

6:45 to 12:45, only six hours. During which no statements were made. Whatevs.


She wasn't right...

I got on the elevator this morning with a rather haggard looking woman. All she could piece together for a sentence was "Red Line... switch problems.... Charles..." I conveyed my apologies, and said I just have to take the commuter rail...

This is one of the times I am happy to take the Needham line.