Red Line train heads for pearly gates; riders left to ponder fates

Just to switch things up a bit, a Red Line train died in the middle of the day, at South Station, leading to what the T describes as "severe" delays. At 1:22 p.m., Flea reported:

30 minutes and I haven't made it from Wollaston to North Quincy yet.

JosieGL updates:

There was a disabled train then a disgruntled moron who started walking on the tracks.



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Just to switch things up a bit,

Oh, those sneaky trains.

The Red Line was running late

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The Red Line was running late to meet this morning's delays and had to push them to the afternoon. Poor overworked mass transit system.

Behind Schedule

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I was just thinking that they were a bit behind on their breakdown schedule. This must be the trial of mid-day breakdowns, with more to come if things go well, so that they can get back on schedule. Plus it allows them to reach a new audience.


"There was a disabled train

"There was a disabled train then a disgruntled moron who started walking on the tracks."

Moron? Or someone who is actually going to get to work today?

(Seriously, who does that?)


That works for who it works

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That works for who it works for, but not more than about 50 people. A disabled train has several times that.


And it doesn't work for most commuters

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I'd need a coffee, a helmet, and a spot near my work to turn the bike in. Forgive me for not trying to sort all that out while running late.
I'll walk to the Orange or Green line first.Thanks.


Point well missed?

I realize these limitations.

I offered it as an alternative to walking on the tracks and through the tunnels.

There goes Laughin' Gaffin

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Adam, do you lie awake at nights worrying about what you'll do if you run out of rhymes to work into your disabled train post titles? 'Cause, I admit, sometimes I kinda do. Considering the frequency with which the stupid things die, I have to think the well may dry up sooner rather than later.


Funny you should mention that

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Was talking to the kidlet about that just yesterday. Yes, I realize that, at some point, I'm going to see a report of a broken-down train and just throw my arms up and say "That's it, I'm out, there are no more original rhymes I can do." And on that day, I'll run a list of all the rhyming dead-train headlines I've done and never do them again.



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So that's how we'll know when you're done. But I'll bet there is a bottomless list in that head of yours.


Red Line Was Groggy, Elmer's Burrito Got Soggy

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I was transferring from the Blue Line to the Red Line by walking from Bowdoin to Charles today, and stopped by Anna's Taqueria to pick up a burrito along the way. When I arrived at Charles, the countdown display said a train would arrive in 4 minutes.

After several minutes, an automated Borg-like voice told of "severe delays due to an earlier disabled train at South Station", but gave no real useful information as to when a train might actually be expected. Twenty-some minutes later, still no train had arrived so I gave up and walked over to Cambridge with my now soggy burrito.


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..To Suck... jeeze.

A title contest is in order.

Orange line craps out and lets the sad saps out.

Blue line just seizes in rider cram squeezes.

Red Lines Rigor Mortis lends wings to a tortoise.

The Green line's foul fails led to teeth gnash and wails.