Red Line vs the cold: The cold wins

As Rich Davey predicted yesterday, the T has been having problems with the cold this morning. Red Line trains kept dying south of the city, leading to massive delays and eventually bustitution.

Several commuter-rail lines had weather-related delays as well, although, ironically, the Needham Line ran on time.



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Why is that ironic?

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Why is that ironic?

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Because ...

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In good weather, that line sometimes has delays longer than the time it would normally take to get from South Station to Needham.

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Double trains on Fitchburg line

While I was out shovelling the Fitchburg/South Acton line trundled past as a double consist with a dead locomotive in the middle. I assume that's why there was a missing outbound run at about 8:15.

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It beat the Orange Line too

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First Southbound train of the day died at North Station, something happened with the doors.

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