Remy's back, but Jenny Dell isn't

Remy, of course, you know about. The Globe reports sideliner Dell, though, won't be talking over on-field action anymore. NESN, of course, won't say if that's because her boyfriend is Will Middlebrooks.



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    This is bullshit . How can

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    This is bullshit . How can her journalistic integrity be compromised, she works for the team owned network in the first place . At least they revealed this, who knows what other things have gone on in the past with others in this situation. Who really cares what she does in her personal life , she is easy on the eyes and carries herself well. Its not like you expect her to report the secret plans, she does her job well. Jenny should get in touch with Anne Allred and get her cousin Gloria's phone number, she shouldnt be banished from the field.


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    I'm sure if people hadn't made a big deal about it, nothing would have changed. She isn't a "journalist". She doesn't write stories, or look to break news. She interviews fans during the game, looks cute during post-game interviews, and from being around the team all the time, picks up some ok stories. If anything, I'm sure dating Middlebrooks would help her develop more interesting stories.

    And now my biggest question. What is he thinking?? This means they live together, work together, AND travel together (she flies on the team plane and stays in the team hotel). I'm guessing he's not going out with the guys much on the least not without her permission.

    "Hey Will, everyone is going out for steaks and a couple drinks, we have tomorrow off. You coming?"

    WM- "Uh, sorry guys, Jenny ordered room service. We're going to stay in and watch a Real Housewives marathon."

    Yeah, what was he thinking?!

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    Who would ever want to spend time alone with this?!


    That Will Middlebrooks - what a weirdo!

    Frankly, I thought Jenny did a better job than most at what is basically an eye-candy station break. And unlike too many of the young ladies that get put in that role - she's pretty sharp and knows something about sports (admittedly NESN is better than most at finding women who have a brain - which makes the way they're inevitably cast off even more pathetic).

    Dinging her for having a relationship with a player seems more than a little hypocritical, given the massive bro-chubbies most sports 'journalists' have for players - eg, how many years (decades) did it take to 'break' the story of rampant steroid use in the majors? To say nothing about the positively incestuous mess of local media/team ownership - not just here in Boston, but in pretty much every major market in the country.

    Middlebrooks is a convenient excuse

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    NESN's sideline reporting is a revolving door. Only about half of them end up sleeping or married to players. The other half, like Naoko Funayama covering the Bruins, do their 4-5 years and then get booted as soon as I'm betting that they cost too much to keep.

    And why not? The role doesn't exactly require any in-depth knowledge of the game, that's just bonus if they have it. NESN's formula is to find a pretty face looking to make it big in on-camera reporting and drop her into the locker room/sidelines. When she gains a following and a name for herself and starts wondering why she's still showing up for pennies, they kick her out and find someone else. It doesn't matter if they sleep with the players (how long did Heidi Watney stay after rumors about her and Varitek abounded?) and it doesn't matter if they're well liked and respected by all the players (Poor Naoko, she didn't deserve to go).