Riders fume and boil as trains leave this mortal coil

Crush at Davis on the Red Line

An inbound Orange Line train passed onto the next plane of existence near Community College sometime around 7 this morning. The T brought in another train to push its carcass out of the way.

Then an outbound train felt death's cold embrace at Community College as well.

Meanwhile, on the Red Line, a train crossed over to the other side at Downtown Crossing, causing massive delays for people heading downtown from both the north and the south.

Lisa photographed the scene at Davis shortly after 8.

Amy Derjue did find one small positive:

Ooh, the Red Line is crawling over the Neponset today. Refreshing change from crawling through the tunnel downtown.

A Green Line trolley gave up the ghost as well.



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Cause and Response

T Breakdown:
Drivers & Cyclists: "Ha! You see?!? This is why I don't take the T. I'm better off driving/riding to work!"

Bad Traffic:
Cyclists and T Commuters: "Ha! If you drive you are the traffic! Next time take public transit or ride a bike!"

Bike accident, bike lane/path complaint, etc:
Drivers and T Commuters: "Ha! This is why cyclists are undeserving social leeches! Get a car or take the T!"


A different view

Look at how many people are stranded in this picture vs what 100+ whining cyclist.

Who is smarter, those you see in this picture who are stuck or the people who try to make their own way by using an alternative?

Fix what needs to be fix, not what a FEW lunatics are demanding to be fix.

Yawn. DCR and the T aren't the same organization. I'm pretty sure that the two efforts could be conducted in parallel.