Riders perspire when tracks catch on fire

A small track fire on the Green Line near Park Street tonight halted service and left some riders sitting on trains in tunnels.

At 8:36 p.m., Myron-Fletch Freeman tweeted:

Still trapped on Green Line train outside Government Center. And this city thinks it could host an Olympics .

That was more than 20 minutes after he first reported his trolley was stuck in the tunnel.



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Greasy, Grimy, Filthy Trash - Yes, It Burns!

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The Green Line tunnels near Park Street are filled with greasy rags, grimy abandoned materials, and other filthy trash. It's no wonder that something catches on fire from time-to-time!

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There's no such thing as a small fire in the tube

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Smoke leads to panic, panic leads to injuries, between trash and discarded cigarettes, newspapers a small fire could cause major problems in the tube especially during the summer months.

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While MBTA burned our pols on the Hill Fiddled

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Meanwhile our elected politicians voted to waste $1 Billion dollars on the MCCA. Real smart! How about all the major upgrades for the stuff the regular people use?

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