Robin Williams will always have a place to sit in the Public Garden

Good Will Hunting bench in Boston's Public Garden

Robin Williams fans are turning the Public Garden bench where he sat with Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting" into a memorial.

Hedge photographed the bench around 6 this morning.

Buzzfeed interviews the first person to write something at the bench.

"When we got there, there were two guys sitting on the bench,” Rabchenuk said to BuzzFeed. "As we were talking, another couple came by and we all started chatting. I got out my chalk, my girlfriend wrote the 'BANGARANG' and the Ferngully line."

Good Will Hunting bench now a memorial to Robin Williams



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Completely heartbroken

I've had tears in my eyes ever since I heard last night. A close friend also has severe depression and battles with thoughts of suicide quite often...

What a comedy show there must be up in heaven...

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Location of bench?

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Where exactly is the bench? I want to photograph it during lunch today...

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Bench location

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It's near the Arlington St end of the bridge on the side of the lagoon with the little island. There was a crowd gathered when I passed this morning, so it should be easy to find today.

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