Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots go off on their own now; object is still to knock opponent's block off

Autonomous robots face off

Greg Cook reports on the Autonomous Fighting Robot Challenge at the Middle East today:

[I]n just two weeks, eight teams attempted to design, fabricate and build autonomous robots that would kill their opponents.





love robots!

I'm fascinated, and love anything to do with AI..... robots, robotics, this is great. Robot wars....bring it on!

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When I was little, I loved

When I was little, I loved watching Robot Wars and Battlebots. Anyone here remember those shows?

I hope it will comeback someday. So many things become more prominent as I grew up. It's unfortunately this reach a point in the early 2000's as gaining more television contracts and attention. But then it all died. While, it is still around, I prefer to see it more visibly growing.

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