Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots go off on their own now; object is still to knock opponent's block off

Autonomous robots face off

Greg Cook reports on the Autonomous Fighting Robot Challenge at the Middle East today:

[I]n just two weeks, eight teams attempted to design, fabricate and build autonomous robots that would kill their opponents.




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    love robots!

    I'm fascinated, and love anything to do with AI..... robots, robotics, this is great. Robot wars....bring it on!

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    When I was little, I loved

    When I was little, I loved watching Robot Wars and Battlebots. Anyone here remember those shows?

    I hope it will comeback someday. So many things become more prominent as I grew up. It's unfortunately this reach a point in the early 2000's as gaining more television contracts and attention. But then it all died. While, it is still around, I prefer to see it more visibly growing.

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