Roman leader fatally stabbed in Union Square; several suspects escape

Spatch reports on the end of a leader's life in a Union Square parking lot yesterday afternoon:

The sun disappeared behind the only dark clouds to come our way that afternoon. As the crowd was again encouraged to petition Caesar as he walked by, up came Cimber, kiss kiss went Brutus, and stab stab stabbity stab went the assassins, who had covertly passed around a bowl of red Karo syrup for blood-leaving purposes. It began to rain during the murder, and only during the murder, all the better to evoke sympathy from the gods--I can't quite credit the Somerville Arts Council for this kind of timing.



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      Union Square is in Allston

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      Somerville is not Boston and their Union Square, although it may be "up and coming" should never supplant our Boston Union Square!

      Just sayin'

      (This title should say Somerville in it)

      I've never even heard of

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      I've never even heard of Boston's Union Square. New York's, San Francisco's, and Somerville's are all the notable ones I've heard of.
      (And when I consult wikipedia to see where it is, it even say's Somerville's is more well known than Allston's.)

      I dunno

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      I mean, Boston also has a Central Square, but I think if you said "Central Square," most people would think of Cambridge before East Boston.

      Union Square's a closer call, granted, but I think more people would think Somerville first. Or maybe that's just me projecting the fact that I still can't stand that apartment building that is the Allston Union Square's main landmark.

      I think Twin Donuts or the

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      I think Twin Donuts or the Model Cafe or more of the main landmark than that ugly building with the constant natural gas smell outside it ...

      MBTA bus 86

      decades ago, used to run from Union Square to Union Square.

      (It has since been extended and had both of its endpoints changed)

      Oh, you meant THAT Union Square?

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      I was once walking down Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton when someone pointed at an 86 bus and asked if it went to Union Square. Being a Brighton resident, I naturally thought he meant Union Square in Allston. I told him it didn't go there, and gave him directions to the #57. It was only several minutes later, after he was gone, that it occurred to me that maybe he meant Union Square in Somerville, in which case I gave him the wrong answer.