Roslindale cements position as oddly timed fireworks capital of Massachusetts

Police from E-5 were kept busy tonight trying to find out who was setting off fireworks in Roslindale. Residents reported hearing the booms from Fallon Field to Allendale Woods around 11:30 p.m.; police spent some time in the area of Centre and Hewlett streets.



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    Happy End of February?

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    Or someone is celebrating the end of Black History Month?

    BU hockey won tonight?

    I thought that

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    was Allston's title.

    Like Disneyworld, Allston features fireworks every night of the week from April to October.

    In what is normally a quiet

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    In what is normally a quiet and peaceful neighborhood; this area (Centre and Hewlett) has had all kinds of fireworks going off over the last couple of years. It is a bit disconcerting to hear in the middle of the night. If one is to find a silver lining; at least it is not gun shots.

    They were over Peters Hill

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    I happened to be near my window when the booms went off and was able to catch the show. From my line of sight they were coming from somewhere on the side of Peters Hill that is closest to the train tracks - between the birch and redwoods if you're tree minded. I could be wrong, but they looked very close. We are used to impromptu shows over Healy Field and the Irving parking lot, but this is the first arboretum show I've seen.

    11:30 PM? That's nothing!

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    Feh! 11:30 PM would be nice, compared to what we get in Brighton near BC. It's not unusual for them to be going off around here at 2 AM.