Roslindale is just a little Rhode Islandier this summer

Del's for sale in Roslindale

Rhode Island's lemon slush is for sale at the Frosty Freeze next to the Wendy's on American Legion Highway in Roslindale.



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No clue

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I can't stomach the stuff myself, and the kidlet was in no mood to be messing with fripperies today. It was hot and humid and we both needed some soft serve, stat.

You know they literally just

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You know they literally just add a bunch of lemon bits after they make the lemonade, right?

I used to work in an ice cream shop in RI. We had the Del's machine that we poured water and syrup into, it did some magic, and then out came Dels. And then once it was done we added lemon bits we had frozen in chunks.

Not as magical as it seems (minus the machine part -- we weren't allowed to now how it worked).

Geographic Whiplash

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I went to Tim Hortons (my brother gets us gift cards) in Maine and they had Del's there ... and my stepnieces/nephews were all "WANT" and "NO FAIR" because their Canadian Timmy's doesn't have it. They even wrote the company to request it!

Meanwhile, seems to be almost entirely Richie's Slush territory north of the Charles, with the occasional Spadafora on offer (which is my fave, actually!).