Roslindale murder victim was high-school senior

Brandon John

Friends are identifying the person found shot to death on Rowe Street in Roslindale late Thursday as Brandon John, 18, a senior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School.

John, scheduled to graduate this spring, was one of a number of Madison Park students who walked out of class last year to protest a BPS decision to place headmaster Queon Jackson on leave because of a federal fraud investigation. The Globe quoted John:

He’s a great person. He kept me out of trouble.

John posted a message to his Facebook page barely 40 minutes before police found his bullet-riddled body Thursday night:

Ha I'm glad niggas don't know who I fuck with in these streets so nigga it's better when we come for you bitch.



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No but

I'm comfortable speaking for most of the commenters here when I say that most of us knew that illegal weapons possession and use was a rule best not broken.


I assume

that eeka, you are completely capable of distinguishing from, on the one hand, an adolescent with a healthy disregard for rules and authority, and, on the other, a violent sociopath who extols thuggery as a way of life. Jeebus, for a person who is as fundamentally good, and as fundamentally committed to doing good, as you are, you can sure be a pain in the attitudinal arse sometimes.


True, but...

why do I start to think that too many of these kids don't know where the posturing and play-acting BS stop and reality begins? It's like they create this persona that they then have to live up to, with fatal consequences.



Unless people have recourse to inside information (which they are not sharing), there is just nothing publicly known that warrants the vitriol some (mostly anonymous) individuals are throwing about.

I get angy at such behavior, But then think -- How sad a person's life must be, if trashing victims (of crimes or accident) affords them even temporary pleasure.

He was bragging about coming

He was bragging about coming for someone and then got shot and killed like an hour later. Sounds like he came for the wrong dude. It's not like someone shot him while he was walking down the street for no reason.

What a sad, sad story! It's horrifying, too.

Without knowing all of the facts, Brandon sounds like he was a very bright kid, with a slightly arrogant streak in him, judging what he wrote in Facebook shortly before he was brutally gunned down. Sorry to hear/read about his death, but I wonder if that last sentence that he wrote was a precursor to his demise.

Death Still Shouldn't occur.

Regardless, of what type of activities this dude was engaging in no one deserves to have their life taken away from them, the problem with society today is not only the adolescents or youth running around these streets trying to be about that life, it also falls on the parents who fail to structure these kids into the right path and ensure that they will never engage in that lifestyle but the reality is that most of these kids come from broken down homes where only one parent is in the picture so they turn the streets. That's were the State officials need to get in and provide more programs for them to stay off the streets and stay positive and for the ones coming out of the state judicial system place them in programs that will possibly prevent them from going back to their habits of this so called "THUG LIFE" their trying to live the thug life but even TUPAC's life came to an end trying to live it. So what they really need to do is step in get these guns off the streets, and get these youth in programs!! And this is coming from a person of experience with the streets and who's only 21!! I've been victimized to but it just made my mentality stronger and made me who I am today...don't know him personally but RIP

If y'all didn't know Brandon

If y'all didn't know Brandon SHUT THE HELL UP. He wasn't a bad person or into gang's. He was a good person with a beautiful heart, he was nice to others when they wasn't nice to him. He had a beautiful soul. Brandon was a Handsome intelligent young man with a BRIGHT FUTURE! And for you guys to sit here and talk bad about him is imbecilic. If the foot was on the other foot and it was your FAMILY MEMBER or FRIEND y'all wouldn't want people to disrespect them. Im very disgusted on how you people is Talking about him and don't know his story at all. I know Brandon very well and he was a loving caring happy person, he didn't deserve this at all. And im hurting badly because he was my boyfriend, and for me to come on here and check update is pitiful how y'all are talking about him and don't know him. So please stop being rude and talking bad about what happen if y'all dont know know him. But who ever done this didn't ONLY HURT BRANDON THEY HURTED ME AND HIS FAMILY. I hope who ever done will reap what they sow, I want them to go throw terrible pain an suffer how his family and I are feeling. If anybody know something please speak up. Me and the John family need JUSTIC NOW. PLEASE & THANK YOU