Roslindale pool springs leak, gets shut

The city shut the Flaherty Pool yesterday after it began leaking large amounts of water - barely 10 months after a multi-million-dollar renovation:

An underground pipe leak has caused the pool to lose large amounts of water over the past 24 hours. At this time we already have Contractors on site to begin digging up the areas where the pipe has broken. Staff are working to drain the pool to help allow the repair process to begin.

This underground pipe break is unrelated to the pool’s Capital Project completed last year, but is due to unforeseen conditions that have since arisen. We are working quickly to minimize any inconvenience this pool closure will cause, and will work diligently to repair these problems, refill & reheat this pool & get it re-open to the public as soon as possible.



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Could be worse than it sounds

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If a pool is drained or filled too quickly, it can damage the structural integrity of the pool. Water is very heavy, and the pool needs time to slowly adjust to the added or removed weight and pressure.

I worked at a large pool where something broke and someone who didn't know any better refilled it too quickly, and when we brought in subcontractors to assess the damage, they found a bunch of structural damage, cracks, and leaks as a result.

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For the hell of it

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who was the contractor who worked on the pool last?

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Not related to recent rebuild

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For the readership... I serve on the community-based board of overseers at the Flaherty Pool. I was at the pool on Friday to see what the issue is/was. Of course, my phone started ringing Friday morning.

It seems there was existing infrastructure that was tied into that could not be replaced as part of the capital project, or was otherwise deemed structurally sound when the piping work was done. It appears that piping is what failed.

A backhoe was on site Friday to locate the leak, and work crews will be in through this week coming up to make repairs.

The problem was unforeseen and no one was more surprised than the City property management staff and reps from the builders and architects firm who were there pouring over blue prints.

The rebuilt pool is otherwise quite sound and a major improvement to what was there. There are no leaks inside the building itself which has a basement under the lobby section where boilers and filtration equipment are stationed.

The city is hoping to be able to implement repairs this week and get the facility open as soon as possible. Should the work take longer, an update will be posted at the link Adam offered in the above article.

By the way that page is managed by the community board, not the city.

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