Roslindale teen runs from Dunkin' - because, police say, he'd just broken into it

Boston Police report arresting a local teen on charges he used a rock around 1 a.m. today to smash the drive-in window at the Dunkin' Donuts at 4610 Washington St. - the one near West Roxbury Parkway - and then stole unspecified stuff.

Unlike the larger Dunkin' Donuts at the other end of Washington Street, which is open 24 hours, this kiosk-like outlet is only open until 9 p.m.

Police say arriving officers spotted Nestor Reyes, 18, behind the donut place and caught up with him after a brief chase through the thick underbrush.

Reyes was charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Dark underbelly of Roslindale

That plaza always seems to be in the news for sketchy stuff, like out of town drug exchanges, etc... I blame the proximity of West Roxbury.

I guess it might be the dark overbelly of Roslindale given the elevation...

" I blame the proximity of West Roxbury."

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Hahah. Most of the criminal activity at this location was a result the construction of High Point and it proximity to Beach Street. However, even after the rebuilding of Beech St and the cleaning up of High Point (now Stony Brook) it seems that its still a well known meeting area.


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Maybe listen to what E-5 has to say. At a neighborhood meeting in April:

Capt. Joseph Gillespie of E-5 acknowledged the problem - he said Washington Street from about the Burger King down to Grove Street seems to attract drug dealers and buyers from as far away as Providence.

No i agree

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One of the spots which is always mentioned is Speedy Mart. What im saying is when it started. Burger King is an easily accessible and recognizable location on a main st with access to the highway. Its also boarders HP, Rozie and Westie making it convenient for those selling the drugs. High Point was a high crime shit hole as was Beech st not to long ago.


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Are street narcotics cheaper in Boston? Maybe buying wholesale? I'd think Providence has plenty of options no matter what you're looking for.

That end of town is a quick

That end of town is a quick trip up 95 from the 401, and I'm willing to bet when the police are more active down in Providence/Cranston/Pawtucket, it might be a good idea to shop elsewhere for a few weeks.


it's headlines like these that make you want to join the Big Brother program. somebody needs to needs to teach these kids to pick and choose their felonies