Roxbury state rep convicted of attacking woman

State Rep. Carlos Henriquez was sentenced to six months in jail today after he was convicted of two of five counts related to an incident involving a woman with whom he left a block party last year. The State House News Service reports House Speaker Robert DeLeo is telling Henriquez he can resign or face a House investigation.



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Walsh says he should resign

Statement from the mayor:

This is a sad day for the Fifth Suffolk District.

A jury has convicted Rep. Henriquez and a judge has sentenced him to serve jail time. In light of this, I would encourage Rep. Henriquez to resign, in the best interests of the constituents he represents.

Violence against women is an epidemic, and is totally and universally unacceptable. This case shines a spotlight on something that plagues our nation every single day. Nearly one quarter of women in this country have experienced violence; Boston is no exception to these startling facts.


Would be interesting...

To see post-conviction comments from City Councilor Tito Jackson and Mayoral Candidate John Barros, the two men who bailed Henriquez out of jail when he was arrested and were then front and center at his arraignment hearing. Neither of these men are fit to hold office after their complete lack of sensitivity toward the victim and the situation at hand.

"High-profile friends of State Representative Carlos Henriquez were quick to rush to the side of the Dorchester lawmaker after his arrest over the weekend for allegedly choking and punching a 23-year-old woman. Some may be tempted to see this as a noble example of friends who appear in time of need. But it came across more like callousness toward victims of dating violence and domestic assault. Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson, who went to the police station after Henriquez’s arrest, doesn’t know all the facts of this case. Neither do Boston School Committee member John Barros and Darnell Williams, head of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, who showed the flag at Monday’s court appearance where Henriquez pleaded not guilty to all charges."


not clear

...Tito Jackson, who went to the police station after Henriquez’s arrest, doesn’t know all the facts of this case.

So wouldn't that actually explain why he went? If the facts aren't clear don't you assume/hope for innocence and show up? Not saying you back him regardless of how things turn out, but until the case becomes clearer, he's your friend/colleague or whatever. Now that he's been convicted you might want to do what Walsh is doing -- recommend a course of action for the good of his constituency and maybe behind the scenes help the guy get to some sort of post-incarceration therapy or something around violence management (can't stand the term "sensitivity training" - maybe "how not to be a shitbag" short course?)

Violence against women is indeed an epidemic and there's no way that in the name of loyalty you can stick up for someone at the expense of the victim, but waiting for the process to run its course seems sensible. Now that he's been found guilty he should resign immediately.


One problem

You can't change your race. You can't change your sexual orientation.

You openly and willfully chose to be ignorant, racist, and to engage in paranoid tribalist vitriol.

Your abject failure to grasp the distinction is telling.

Another troll-like comment

Another troll-like comment from anonymous registeted user with a silly name. The rep is going to jail for disturbing and serious charges yet all you can do is make an off topic nasty joke about it to push your democrat/obama hating agenda. Grow up assclown.