Russian man can pick up his passport at C-6 - they'll have a few questions for him, though

Capt. John Greland reports on an incident at Rosa Mexicano, 155 Seaport Blvd., last night:

Person refused to pay his bar tab but left his Russian passport on the bar.



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It's a crappy Tue. morning - might as well start something.

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Well, it seems as though the police jurisdiction question has been ironed out down on the South Boston Waterfront. According to Google maps, that restaurant is in Seaport West, which is part of the Seaport Hotel/Office complex that was built on Massport property. Hence, I would have expected the passport to be conveniently held by the State Police at State Police Troop F at the airport. Alas, it appears that the Boston Police are handling the matter.

I will be interesting to see what else turns up on this guy. It just sounds too good to not have something else turn up.

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massport police appear to

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massport police appear to specializie in playing crossing guard and hanging out in the seaport hotel. not sure they involve themselves with any real crime or anything of real value.

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In Russia

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bar doesn't hold passport, bar holds you.

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Boris Badenov

knows he can't charge booze on his KGB expense voucher but leaving his passport behind is amateur.

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