Sad end for Daniel Bard

Released today by the Rangers single-A team, for which he'd faced 18 batters this year, walking nine and hitting seven.



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    Nice going, Bobby V

    (I gather it was Bard's idea, approved by Cherington, to move out of the bullpen and into the rotation. But it happened in 2012. Ergo, it was all Bobby V's fault.)

    Well ...

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    Let's not forget he began falling apart as a reliever the previous fall.


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    He was really a main cause of the collapse in '11. Moving to the rotation from the bullpen doesn't cause you to forget how to throw strikes. I'd guess it's something physical that was never able to be fixed, or he's just a total headcase.

    The lack of control was

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    The lack of control was always a knock on him in the minors which was why they converted him into a reliever in the first place.

    The fact they got the good play out of him they did is an amazement to be honest.