The saddest interview you will read today

The Globe interviews the woman who fatally stabbed her boyfriend in her Dorchester apartment on Thursday in what police say was self defense. Let's just say he was not a nice person. But read the last two paragraphs.



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      God bless this woman. I can't help feeling glad that it ended this way I stead of the way it usually does--with her dead and the the children alone. I hope she gets the help she needs for herself and her kids.

      Yeah, if her story is true

      It sounds like a clear case of self defense. She had even called the cops, apparently. Shame they didn't get there in time to prevent this. Unlike Kaz I dont see this as necessarily "the best possible outcome", though she obviously needed to lose this guy.

      You're going to blame the

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      You're going to blame the police for this? Way to take the typical UniversalHub route of blaming them for everything.

      1) She called the police and was forced to hang up. Were they supposed to teleport to the unknown address that she didn't have a chance to relay to the dispatcher?

      2) She screamed for help after they called back. At which point he probably rushed at her.

      3) She attempted to seek a restraining order and prosecutors and police attempted to incarcerate him for a FIREARM charge which was thrown out. How about some accountability for the judges?!

      No but you're right, this is all the BPD's fault. I, on the other hand, commend them for their logic in NOT charging her and thank them for having to respond to what I can only imagine was a horrific crime scene.

      Simmah down.

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      Simmah down.

      No one blamed the police. The comment was that it was too bad they didn't get there. Do you disagree?

      " order to prevent this".

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      " order to prevent this".

      I don't expect the police to solve in a matter of seconds what sounds like years of an awful cycle of abuse. I won't "simmah down".

      All too familiar

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      Gosh, this saga was a painful flashback to my abusive days in my marriage. Thankfully, I left after the threat to kill me. I didn't think twice about it. The only thing that changes in Domestic Violence are the people, but the stories remain the same. Arguing, threats to take children, threats to kill, sympathy for the abuser, self-pity and victim blaming, dismissed charges, rescinded restraining orders, wanting the abuser to spend time with the children because he's a "good father" who chooses beats/abuses the mother in the presence of the children. The cycle is vicious and relived over and over and over again. I have been free of physical abuse for 5 years, but the financial and emotional abuse continues to this day. The courts do nothing but empower the abusers by not enforcing the law which ultimately sets the stage for murder. It needs to be fixed and soon!


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      There's hope that in time she'll realize that this was the best possible outcome for her and the kids.

      This was a tough story

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      As one who trolled the first posting on this, with the feeling it was some kind of self defense, seeing this today was rough. It is a human life we are talking about, but if she didn't defend herself, who knows how much worse this could have ended.

      That was heartbreaking

      Yes, those last two paragraphs were tough to read.

      We just got out of Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill here in NYC and Audra McDonald as Billie Holliday sings Bessie Smith's well-known song, "Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness if I Do"

      I'd rather my man would hit me
      Than to jump up right and quit me
      'T ain't nobody's bizness if I do, do, do, do
      I swear I won't call no copper
      If I'm beat up by my poppa
      If I'm beat up by my poppa

      I wish good luck and peace to the woman and her children.

      Would it be any consolation

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      if I pointed out that the article said that he was "getting his life together" as opposed to "turning his life around" and had no mention of him being an aspiring rap artist?


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