Same time next year: Man charged with meat beating at Hynes 10 months after being reported by same woman at same spot

A man arrested for masturbating at the Hynes Green Line stop on Jan. 16 was arrested again yesterday for an incident last year in which the same woman reportedly saw him doing the same thing at the same spot in the same station last March..

Transit Police reported arresting Salah Koutaiby, 49, of East Boston for open and gross lewdness after a woman waiting for an inbound train reported seeing him "exposing himself and committing a lewd act."

Police report today they picked up Koutaiby again yesterday after the woman realized he was the same bishop basher she saw last March 25:

On that date a female party reported Koutaiby was standing on the inbound platform at Hynes MBTA station staring at her while masturbating.

Koutaiby apparently really liked that spot, police say: On Jan. 27, the woman spotted him in the station and he started staring at her, but her train arrived and she boarded before he had a chance to further express himself, police say.

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Yesterday & Horny

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I made a post on Facebook that said...

"Riding the red line.... I hope someone doesn't masturbate on me and then wipe it on the seat..."

A friend made a comment under that status that said: "Back in the 40's my grandmother was on the T, some perv "tapped" (her words) his penis against her"

I'm really starting to think what I said a few days ago is true.. the T makes people HORNY!!!!

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Rather they drove/biked

See, aren't there a number of offensive or smelly people you wish would drive/bike to work instead? Naked if they want, even.

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By on have our permission to run them down. Just watch out..that shit can take the paint off our hood.

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Disgusting that people have

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Disgusting that people have to be subjected to this guy's perverted acts while they are using public transportation to get to work, school and home, etc.
There was a guy who used to jump out of the woods and expose himself to my middle school gym class when we used to run outside during the warmer months. After that we weren't allowed to exercise outdoors and were stuck in the gymnasium. To witness this when you're a young girl is shocking. It's not funny, despite the jokes people may make which minimize the vileness of this kind of behavior.

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Just throwing this out there

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but just throwing this out there (and I'm ready with a hose to dose myself if I get flamed)..

While I agree it can be shocking to someone and there really isn't an excuse for it, but, as a society (the US) we have such a hangup about nudity. Maybe if nudity wasn't such a taboo thing we wouldn't be so shocked. People do this because they have a mental issue and find some thrill in flashing people because it does shock them. Maybe if it wasn't so shocking, people would be less inclined to do it since it doesn't get a rise outta people.

I've worked in the adult entertainment industry, I've seen more naked people than I EVER want to see, so seeing someone naked just isn't shocking anymore. Yeah having it happen to you when you're least expecting it might startle me some, but it wouldn't totally scare me for life (and knowing me, I'd point and laugh..)

Just saying.. flame away *activates flame guard*

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Half right

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I agree with you 100% about our societal attitude about nudity; childish! However this isn't about nudity; it's about sexual aggressiveness which is, and should continue to be, considered anti-social behavior. It is not guaranteed, of course, but guys like this have a tendency to escalate. When whacking off at a distance no longer provides the same thrill, he'll go looking for attention, then contact, then...Well, he needs to be discouraged while still at a distance.

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Agree with the nudity comment

Agree with the nudity comment, and I agree with the sexual-aggression comment.

I'm trying to imagine how some of the FKK (Freikörperkultur, or Free Body Culture) spas I've visited in Germany would test out in an American market. They're co-ed spas where clients use the pool and spa areas naked. Sometimes they're outdoors, sometimes they're not.

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Rent a time slot

You might be able to test the market by renting out a spa regularly for FKK time, much like a gay night at night clubs. Given the lack of even topless beaches in Mass, you will likely lose money. I'm somewhat surprised by a global increase in modesty. A friend moving from Sydney said toplessness on beaches there was now uncommon, unlike when I was there 25 years ago. I blame the Internet, digital cameras, and cellphones able to immortalize naked bathers like never before.

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Re: Same woman, same place, same act...

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Felony stalking requires an overt threat to do harm but the misdemeanor criminal harassment might apply. A second or subsequent conviction for criminal harassment is a ten year felony. Open and Gross Lewdness also being a felony, it's time for Marty Walsh to start pushing D.A. Dan Conley to indict on all felonies to get them into Superior Court instead of the revolving door that is BMC and District Courts.

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