San Juan Capistrano has swallows and the Fenway has tow trucks

Tow trucks along a street in the Fenway

Alex Hubbard reminds us you can always tell the onset of spring in the Fenway when tow trucks arrive en masse to grab cars parked along the day's street-sweeping routes.



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If they would remove the sidewalks

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They could create a second parking lane on that street for cars to park on when the streets are being swept. With studies showing that the average American would own 5.3 cars if they only had a free place to put them, it's downright irresponsible of the city to take up valuable parking real estate for such a wide (and, judging by the photo, little-used) expanse of car-unfriendly pavement.

Your preachy bit of

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Your preachy bit of sermonizing is neither clever nor amusing.

We should pave the Back Bay

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We should pave the Back Bay Fens for free parking for the RedSox. The Boston Common is a giant waste of space in Downtown too. Thousands of commuters need free parking downtown to get to work and the Common would be a perfect location. More people would enjoy the Charles River too if the Esplanade was turned into parking. Then they could get right off Memorial Drive and Storrow and park on the water. It would be great!


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I'm guessing you either don't drive in Boston, or are being sarcastic...

The LAST thing we need here is more cars.
And yes, that road looks pretty empty at 10am, but take another look at 5:15pm, where the Fenway area is one of the most congested spots in town. It gets even worse when the Sox are playing..