Say, we don't get many grocery shoppers up here ...

And at these heights, I can see why.

Firefighters from Boston and Chelsea, State Police troopers and the Boston Fire Marine Unit all converged on the Tobin Bridge late this afternoon on reports a man looked like he might want to jump from the upper level.

Then the man sauntered into the toll plaza. Ed Baur reports:

It was Crew Member from the Ship at the Salt Pile Looking for a Super Market.



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    Let me guess

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    Seaman Tobinclimber was the new guy on the ship.

    Did he have binoculars?

    He might have been scanning the harbor to look for the mail buoy so the crew could pick up letters from their families at home.

    The nearest supermarket?

    Was he looking for the one on Charles Stuart Street?

    (I think there is a limited demographic that is going to groan at that one)

    The corner of Charles and

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    The corner of Charles and Stuart is where the Transportation Building is, and there must have been many of "those" jokes there at that time.

    Well, there IS a

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    7-11 on the Stuart Street side of the Transportation Buliding.

    Should have pointed him

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    to Roche Brothers West Roxbury; then he really would contemplate jumping off a bridge.