Say, we haven't had a good laugh over a bus stuck on Storrow Drive recently

Bus on Storrow Drive

Roving UHub photographer Adam Schnabel wasn't roving all that quickly around 5:55 p.m. today, thanks to the driver of the bus who at least managed not to get storrowed on the BU Bridge just up ahead.



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I have to wonder if the driver

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would have gotten this far if the clearance measurement was actually posted on the "LOW CLEARANCE" signs over the entrance ramps to S(t)orrow Drive. Given that he stopped just after the real Low Clearance sign seen in the photo, but well short of the bridge itself, I'd wager he wouldn't have.

And, once again, those non-reflective yellow on black "Cars Only" rubber baby buggy bumpers panels sure did their job. Perhaps it's time to once and for all give up this "but it's an aesthetic parkway" nonsense and actually put up REAL traffic signs instead.

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Whoa! That water curtain is

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Whoa! That water curtain is amazingly cool. We should totally have that on Storrow. You say it doesn't always work: you have links to incidents where people drove through 8" tall, glowing stop signs suddenly appearing across the middle of their lanes?

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Bus misadventures

on Storrow Drive are part and parcel to any decent February college tour through Boston.

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